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not a single war made the headlines today

instead, missing people assemble near a bank
and a woman asks from whom
did we invent these hauntings?


billboards on the interstate
roughly translated
mean these universes are inert

you are born with them.


some say mountains possess them.

they say the sorrow of their saints is perpetual.

(some don't believe it ever snowed
    in those failed states)


a city in the American midwest incorporates
after a tornado

the nature of our fatalism
is all of the photographs we couldn't reconstruct


to those whose creation myths
involve string

whose transmissions of light
are ever-invading:

the risen ask often for you


a. god created bodies that fail
b. bodies that fail created god


according to anonymous government sources
much more radiation seeped into the atmosphere than was reported

"suddenly, everybody was just waiting for the clouds to come" a witness said
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successwithhonor Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Student Writer
a. god created bodies that fail
b. bodies that fail create god

Is-lnds Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
q-u-w Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
i second this.
palaeochannel6 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
Thank you
successwithhonor Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Student Writer
oh my god.

you know you like something whence you unknowingly quote the same thing twice.

quite honestly, this is probably one of my favorites on dA. cheers :coffeecup:
jskullly Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
realism and cynicism are often confused. as are criticism and antagonism. it's necessary to be detached. to become emotionally invested in the world around us, which doesn't make sense, which is lies on top of lies on top of shit... people burn out. agitators get agitated. the only recourse seems to be shutting off the thoughts, and waiting. but it's necessary to be detached. from the world, one another, ourselves. because what the fuck are we doing here in the first place. everything was inevitable, nothing was about anybody. anybody outside of my family, any ghastly apparition with a pen telling me how it is i'm supposed to live my life... i'll listen to someone i respect. someone i fully and truly respect. because i know that they have my best interests at heart. laws should form naturally. the only true court is the one that adjourns within an individual consciousness. no codex of right and wrong can ever hope to contain each subtle detail, the infinite permutations that occur organically within the human mind. no one has any god-given right to do anything. any code of laws will become garbled, will be fucked into technical oblivion by a thousand stupid bunnies, everyone wants his own, his own perversions accommodated, and no one else's. so it becomes a static image, of no one happy, of the tyranny of the majority, of the war of all against all. better and faster. no one has a clue. and we all think god is speaking to us. be that god father-creator or equality. the gay-rights agenda. homosexuality. no fucking governing body has any right to exist, let alone to mandate straightness. everything is crooked, and perfect. you can't even call somebody gay. that's describing a behavior pattern, not a human being. bill burroughs sez, you could condition anyone to be attracted to old boots. i am exactly what i'm doing right now. which is deep analysis. everything, everything is tangential. the first word ever spoken was tangential. authoritarianism is anti-human. it's spitting in the eye of every magical monster who doesn't know why they're here either.
palaeochannel6 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
Awesome. Now explain, practically, how one reconciles the basic evolutionary protocols of the human animal with emergent social imperatives?

How would you go about implementing a feasible system of anarchy, wherein you are not consistently denied the enjoyment of your own system of anarchy because someone stole your shit and shot your family?

Politics is the art of transmuting ideological, philosophical, or theoretical systems of order or disorder into actionable systems.

I see a lot of stated apprehension towards discussing all of these 'metaphysical' or philosophical circle-jerks because of the lack of motive, endgame, or purpose.

This is not that.

This is a practical, technocratic issue.

Should laws exist? Why or why not. Show your work. Explain a feasible anarcho system which works.

Now I'm going to go ahead and disagree with my homie Edward Said here because, in truth, all social animals develop a system of hierarchy. "Authority" as a concept is as naturally evidenced as self-service.

Barring an institution of authority with some legitimacy, the assumption is that the reigns of authority then fall to the powerful. Meaning those with force. In nature, the larger fuckers with the silver backs and the big roars. In our nature, the most vicious, those most in contempt of emergent social imperatives, the most self-serving, violent, or animalistic and natural humans.

How do we prevent the endemic predatory nature of animals and survival with our 'feel-good' ideas about being able to live without being murdered?

Anarchy as a blanket concept does not address anywhere near the amount of endemic issues that some form of system would.

To believe that the answer is a philosophical disposition against the concept of law or authority itself, is to admit the sequester of certain truths, facts, and historical precedents.

"Money over people" is just as silly an aphorism as "People can't, like, make laws man."
jskullly Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013
emergent social imperatives. there is no imperative. the only drive of any other species is survival. we got the means of survival figured. the moment we made a spear. there is no more imperative, except to harness and utilize our insanity. all we need is food, water and shelter. that's all any other species is after. the silverback in our rigidized system is the one who most effectively manipulates the system, via others within it. that is an extension and a perversion of the natural order, which no longer applies to us. we asked why the fuck we were here, got none. said hey. wait. my imaginary friend told me, it's this. procreate and pay your taxes.

in the destruction of all forms of overarching governance, everything would come back to the family. it would reform, reshape, become a living breathing collaborative structure, which educated itself. which held no beliefs. which lived for warmth. the authoritarian urge is the only psychosis. who the fuck says god doesn't speak to you? everyone else. what does everyone else know. we can only ever know the processes of our own minds. only i can say what's real, and what's true. and it can mean nothing to anyone but myself. governance relies on your cynicism. advanced industrialism is built on a lack of impulse control. it feeds on the weak. no one without of my line of sight exists. no one within my line of sight knows more, or less, than i do. there's no fucking reason to exist. we'll all be space-dust in a matter of blinks. and we're supposed to go about the rest of our brief, impossibly unlikely, totally superfluous existence, saying yeah. some fucking cop knows better than i do. it's a matter of education. our insignificance is our infinite potentiality. we can make every shape. we can experience every detail. and that's all, until we die. but no. i have to contribute to your useless project. of "growth." what animal needs more. an animal needs what the fuck it gets every single day. our aptitudes are nothing but useless creativity. and capitalism sez hey. how can we sell this useless shit to people, and make it on the cheap. when we could all be just singing it in the streets. science, language. what is their function. what is our function.
palaeochannel6 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
So in other words more self-masturbatory, useless, impractical philosophizing for, seemingly, the purpose of philosophy, the very thing I have heard you and Wallaby speak against.

I think the problem here, is that Wallaby hasn't told you what to feel about this yet.

We are infinite. We can create every shape. lol. Dude are you fucking listening to yourself? That is Anthony level silly sloganeering and has absolutely no basis in a discussion of social or political systems.

The ONLY statements you made which do not fall along this line of auto-erotica were the following:

"There are no social imperatives."

"in the destruction of overarching governance, everything would return to the family."

So, I'll leave the devastatingly insightful commentary about how each person is an infinite creator of shapes and address these.

Number 1: Yes, that was also my point. Some believe imperatives in social animals overwrite the basic survival protocols. I disagree. My point was the inherent disinterest in any arbitrary definition of decency or morals by an animal in a survival environment. Something you uphold.

Second, "in the destruction of all forms of governance it'll be about the families [sic]"

Let's see the practicality of this. We are to depose all forms of law and governance and allow instead a familial structure to gain prominence. The latter I agree with, the former, not so much.

Despite never explaining how this would create a period of grand enlightenment, I'll take a whack anyone.

On one end you agree that the basic nature of the animal is toward self-service, greed, violence, and other survival protocols. Yet on the other end you believe the dissolution of any system of governance or any social infrastructure would somehow nullify this biological fact and usher in an era in which society becomes intellectual 'collaborations' apparently between different families?

First of all, WHAT THE FUCK? Hahaha. Something tells me you fellas haven't worked out all the kinks in your utopia yet.

Why exactly are humans going to feel a compulsion to collaborate in a system of anarchy?

I can think of two reasons: Necessity, or as some of those crazy ass scientists think, due to the emergence of a 'social' instinct in social animals, a concept with which we both disagreed.

All a human needs is food, water, shelter and bitches. We already established that people suck and don't just get along, people don't cooperate due to recent evolutionary mechanisms but rather tend to kill each other due to more primitive mechanisms, and that the vast majority of pursuits are unnecessary for survival.

Therefore, your 'model' of anarchy, wherein forms of governance would be destroyed and organically replaced with family units and, apparently, confederations of such which collaborate and educate is simply unfeasible. Like, according to us both.

Authority is also naturally evidenced. I said this before. Animals manifest social dynamics of authority and subordination. The dissolution of a legitimate state is not a practical idea because it does not address the nature of animals and this endemic fact of social creatures.

Anarchy is not a natural state. Humans would inevitably build concentrations of authority as has been evidenced by 10,000 years of social history and millions of years of evolutionary history. Be it the organic assumption of power by the biggest, smartest, or simply most capable of manipulation; or the inorganic assumption of power say through insanity which convinces you that God fucked your wife.

To prevent this would require another concentration of authority which upholds our imperatives or, barring that, total isolationism and self-protection which is contrary to the apparent look of your utopia.

How would one mitigate the predatory instinct with a workable society?

No shallow, masturbatory psuedo-philosophy.

If our goal is not a workable society, then what? Getting yours while you can? I'm down that that. The animal inside of my is down with that. The animal inside of us both is a capitalist.

Also I'm pretty fuckered but the comment about industry. So are we imagining some kind of fucking Fern Gulley scenario where all the woodland creates without their technology created by evil industry exist to simply fly around the forest eating fruit they find and tumbling through dandelions?

Explain your experiment, man. So far it sounds like nothing more than ill-informed and shallow sloganeering that someone else probably framed.
jskullly Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
capitalism is pure individualistic anarchy. justice is might. it's the birthright of every human to do whatever the hell he/she wants. but in an authoritarian bureaucracy, it is only that of the elect, the kings among scum, those whose birthright is their own humanity. we preterite, given our narrow scope of servile/complacent functions, must simply hope they don't point their machine guns/h-bombs at us. they can do anything they want, at any point, and all we can do, within the field of politics, is hope and pray to our father-protector, our laughable figure-head and imagined ally, the "leader" of the "free" world. pray to be accommodated. to be placated. there are basic human rights, those inalienable things, which they can withhold or allow as they see fit. all that we can hope to do to disrupt this process up is to educate ourselves, to prove to ourselves that we are capable of self-governance. to be warm. fucking radioactive infectious warm, where other people's sickness gets sick.

anarchism is anti-utopian. it's the interplay between the positive and negative, destruction and creation, cosmic forces within each and every logical abortion of a human being. god is dead, what now... we are god. we can create out of nothing, and destroy for no reason. we can fuck and hate and murder each other. and we can learn to defend ourselves, and coexist. unseen, unknown governance is profoundly disrespectful. toddlers are the smartest people alive, and some old man is sitting there cackling chuckling because he gets to manipulate those seven-billion+ toddlers, instill in them false beliefs, propagandize with utter anonymity, and condition the 99.99% into believing that they are the problem, that they need assistance, when what they need is action, against internal and external forces in their own private lives, which suffocate, which plague, which render impotent.

i'd prefer to live in mad max-world than in 1984.
UnspecifiedUnknown Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013   Writer
eh. good bits, but i like the earlier version far better
palaeochannel6 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
It contained far too many vagina metaphors for most markets.
jskullly Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
it hurts and I like it.
palaeochannel6 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
It's always good when it hurts a bit
cogongrass Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
Very nice. I'm loving your fifth and sixth sections in particular (six is a total zinger, and in five there's a really interesting transfer of responsibility to the reader, an obligation almost for us to recognize our own neglect - it's powerful stuff). I'm a fan of your ending as well. The newscaster sort of voice, the coldness of it, but still the abstraction and hope. Solid solid solid. And smart. Great write, sir, as usual. (:
palaeochannel6 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
Why thank you (: I always appreciate the kindness.
successwithhonor Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012  Student Writer
"a. god created bodies that fail
b. bodies that fail create god"

absolutely beautiful.
palaeochannel6 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012
Thank you.
takenight Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012  Student Writer
Oh, yes - and roses.
palaeochannel6 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012
And collapses.
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